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Springbank C.V. Originalabfüllung white cap - CV on top ca 1995 46% 70cl

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Springbank C.V. 46% 70cl
Originalabfüllung ca aus 1995
mit Box und Single Cask Offer Blatt
Herausragend guter Zustand !!
perfekter Füllstand
dies ist die älteste C.V. Abfüllung überhaupt
cremeweisse Kapsel / white cap
C.V. oben auf dem Label / C.V. on TOP

eine echte TOP-Rarität in diesem Zustand !! - perfect condition !!

Tastingnotizen Zitat whiskyfun :

Springbank C.V. (46%, OB, white cap, CV at the top, circa 1995) This is complicated! First, it’s not quite clear what ‘C.V.’ used to mean. Some say ‘Chairman’s Vat – or Vatting’, others ‘Curriculum Vitae’... Then, there’s been several versions, notably an earlier ‘white cap’ version that’s the one we’ll have right now, and then a more recent ‘gold cap’ version which we’ll try after this one. Note that both labels are also quite different, but to make things even more complicated, the ‘white cap’ version existed both with the old label (picture left) and with the new one (picture right). Worse than train spotting if you ask me...
But enough nit-picking, let’s try the ‘white cap’ now. Colour: pale gold. Nose: starts extremely mineral, waxy and ashy, with no fruity aromas except for hints of green apples. It really reminds me of the old 5yo from the sixties. Goes on with notes of kelp, wet stones, raw wool... And then more and more smoke, fresh butter and wet hay, as if there was a little old Longrow in there. No need to say I like this. Mouth: big, ‘ancient style’, oily, grassy, bitter... Little wood influence (nor sweetness) it seems, but really a huge grassiness and big notes of small cider apples (and the peelings), chives, lemon marmalade... A big whisky indeed but there’s much less complexity on the palate than on the nose. Finish: rather long, on apples, pears, wax and green pepper, with maybe just touches of salt. I like this one for its wildness. SGP:273 (wazzat?) - 87 points.

Typ : Schottischer Whisky
Herkunft : Schottland / Vereinigtes Königreich
Inverkehrbringer : J & A Mitchell & Co LTD Campbeltown Scotland
Kein Verkauf von Alkohol an Personen unter 18 Jahren
Bitte trinken Sie keinen Alkohol wenn Sie schwanger sind
Enthält keinen Farbstoff

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