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Springbank C.V. Originalabfüllung ca 2000 goldene Kapsel mit Box 46% 70cl

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249,90 EUR
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Springbank C.V. 46% 70cl
Originalabfüllung ca aus 2000
CV = Curriculum vitae
herausragend guter Zustand von Flasche und Box
erlesener Füllstand
beiliegendes Single Cask Offer

excellenter Springbank ohne Altersangabe

Tastingnotizen Zitat whiskyfun :

pringbank C.V. (46%, OB, golden cap, CV on the sides, circa 2000) Colour: white wine (much paler than the ‘white cap’). Nose: this one starts a little more spirity and less mature than the white cap, with much more grainy and fruity notes (apples, pears) and much less minerals or smoke. There’s also notes of wet cardboard, soaked grains, very light coffee, apple juice... But the notes of raw wool are here again. Not exactly the same class as the older version I think, even if both start to converge after a good fifteen minutes. Mouth: this is very different again. Big notes of pear spirit, figs, crystallised lemon zests, smoked fish... And then more and more pear spirit. Pears and kippers? Yes, it’s very unusual whisky I think, I can’t think of any other whisky that tasted like this funny CV. Finish: longer than the white cap’s, very bold in fact, with these interesting notes of ‘apple juice-soaked kippers’ (sorry about this weird mental image) and a slight dustiness, plus something oddly metallic. Extremely unusual. Again, I’m wondering if they didn’t use to add some Longrow to the CV, even if not to all the batches. SGP:363 - 85 points.

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