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Lagavulin 1979 Originalabfüllung 1997 18y Distillers Edition lgv. 4/463 43% 1 Liter

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1.299,90 EUR
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Lagavulin 1979 43% 1 Liter
Originalabfülling im Originalkarton
Distilled 1979, Bottled ca 1997
lgv. 4/463

Die beste je abgefüllte Distillers Edition und gleichzeitig die allererste !!
Destilliert 1979, abgefüllt ca 1997
Eine extrem seltene Flasche !!
Perfekter Füllstand !!

Tastingnotizen Zitat von whiskyfun:

Lagavulin 1979 (43%, OB, Distiller’s Edition, lgv. 4/463, 1l, +/-1997) Five stars With Angus. The first and most legendary of all ‘finished’ Lagavulins. And possibly of all finished malt whiskies. I remember having tried it – and loved it – during an other extravagant Tour of Islay back in 2005. Colour: amber. Nose: a lot of chocolate, black tobacco, dried porcinis, chocolate/orange, then old vermouth, with this bitter, spicy, herbal kind of profile, then cordite, gunpowder, old sweaty guitar strings (says Angus, who’s a guitarist), and a little smoky bacon as well as a few drops of orange bitters.

Mouth: big, heavy delivery, very smoky, with seashore bonfire, smoked seafood, a little medicine, ash, mercurochrome, bitter oranges, touches of cumin and cloves, something dry and waxy… Really big mouth feel, very engaging, the whole being bigger than expected. Salty chocolate with bits of oranges. Finish: quite long, ashy and oily, wood ashes and an elegant mix of different oils. A fading rubbery saltiness. The oranges turn into pink grapefruits (says sudden co-taster Diego). Medium length. Comments: one of those whiskies that can change quite a lot depending on the other whiskies you’ve had just before, but it’s a great, great one for sure. A lot of pleasure in this. If only all finishings would be like this! SGP:536 – 92 points.

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